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Children at Stand camps learn how to bake a potato

Introducing Spudtacular


The Te Puna Whaiora Children’s Health Camps became ‘Stand Children’s Services’ in April 2013. The new Maori name is Tu Maia Whanau which describes the type of stand the organisation makes – instinctive, confident, bold. The organisation was renamed in order to be clear about their unique contribution and strengths in their work with children and families.

Stand operates in schools, in homes, at our residential facilities and is deeply connected to New Zealand’s communities.

Stand’s vision – a world strong with children

We stand together to bring hope to New Zealand’s most vulnerable children.
We help children and their families to stand up and be strong.
We stand against isolation and fear.
We take a stand, acting with urgency to deliver solutions that make a child’s world a safer, happier and healthier place.
We nurture the dreams and aspirations of our nation’s children, allowing them to find their turangawaewae ‘their place to stand’.

“We stand together to bring hope to New Zealand’s most vulnerable children.” This is the core of Stand’s vision.

Source, and for more information go to: www.standforchildren.org.nz

How does the SPUDTACULAR Programme Work?

Potatoes.co.nz, Turners & Growers, Watties, Fonterra, Nestle, Bidvest, The CSC Buying Group and The Cater Plus Foundation have joined together to promote Spudtacular and to provide all the tasty ingredients to teach children at Stand camps to ‘Bake a Potato’.

Download the A3 SPUDTACULAR Poster Here Click

Each child going to Stand Children’s Services:

  • Experiences that a full tummy is only one potato away.
  • Has a potato-based meal at least weekly while living in the village.
  • Experiences that ‘if I can bake a potato I can make a meal’.
  • Learns how to bake a potato in both an oven and a microwave and how to make a meal with baked beans.
  • Experiences a special event where potatoes are baked on an open fire.
  • Takes home recipes to feed their family

Each child learns Spudtacular facts. Lessons ensure the children appreciate:

  • how good potatoes are for them
  • that potatoes are easy to cook.

When the children go home they are given Spudtacular back sacs supplied by

Potatoes NZ Charitable Trust containing:

  • Potatoes supplied by Turners & Growers.
  • Cans of food supplied by Heinz Wattie’s.
  • Assorted resources in English, Maori or Samoan.

The intention of this pack is that the children can go home and cook three meals for his/her family.

Each child also receives a Spudtacular set of recipes, leaflets on how to grow potatoes and a certificate proving they can cook a meal – a tasty and nutritious baked potato with a delicious topping.